Who we are

Africa Partners Medical (APM) is a group of American and African doctors, nurses and other health care professionals committed to improving medical care in Africa. APM does so by sponsoring educational conferences in Africa and establishing long-term partnerships with indigenous African health care personnel. The faculty of Africa Partners Medical includes physicians and nurses from Mayo Clinic, Scott and White Clinic, National Institutes of Health, Cleveland Clinic, and Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, among others, who volunteer their time. Since 2000, APM has brought an annual medical education program to a total of more than 1200 physicians, residents, nurses and emergency medical technicians in Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, and Mali.

A particular focus of Africa Partners Medical activities is improving awareness of the high rates of viral hepatitis and liver cancer in Africa and in immigrant African populations in the United States, such as the Somali immigrant population in Minnesota. We seek to help with efforts at prevention of hepatitis infection, identification of those with viral infection who are at risk for development of liver cancer, and improvements in diagnosis and treatment of hepatitis and liver cancer in African and minority and immigrant African populations in the United States. In pursuit of these goals we have partnered with the International Agency for Research on Cancer, the World Gastroenterology Organization, and the American Gastroenterological Association to develop a West African Network for Research in Digestive and Liver Diseases. Africa Partners Medical volunteers are also developing relationships with immigrant African populations in Minnesota, particularly the Somali immigrant population, to improve prevention, detection and treatment of liver disease and liver cancer in this population.

Mission statement

To empower African medical personnel to improve the health of people in Africa through regular updates in medical advances and provision of medical supplies.

The goals of Africa Partners CME are to:

  • provide updates in clinical medicine to health care providers in West Africa
  • provide practical training in basic and advanced life support, pediatric, obstetric, and other medical procedures to physicians and nurses
  • provide education and support for the ethical and spiritual aspects of medical practice
  • provide medical supplies to doctors and teaching hospitals in West Africa
"We could go and treat a few people, but the impact of continuing medical education to empower local physicians to care for their own people provides the opportunity to improve the standard of care to large numbers of people."
- Bart Clarke, M.D.