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Monthly Archives: June 2016

Accra & Wooster Outreach, Volume, Gifts

It has been a busy May in Accra, and there are exciting things happening here in Wooster to buttress all of it too. Thank you for all your support and encouragement in making this possible. Read on.

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A recent report on Outreach at a local tertiary education site- what was supposed to be a welll woman screening visit, quickly became a gynecologic clinic, because everyone had a problem, or perhaps multiple issues that needed to be addressed. Even some of the teachers came by to be seen. They saw over 50 patients, and had to give out prescriptions, over and above the usual iron and vitamin supplements etc. that we distribute. A couple of serious gynecologic problems had to be referred out. A lot of family planning, and sexual disease prevention advice was dispensed. It seems a large number of women at this locale would like to take advantage of this service so we will definitely go back. The staff definitely made a difference.

May was busier than usual for Obstetrics at the Hospital. At least one of the patients had come over to have her antenatal care and baby after learning about OBP at an outreach clinic. For the first time ever, we had a 100% normal delivery rate! No Cesareans for a whole month! Please do not miss the exhilarating story of the precious June baby pictured above on our facebook page!

trusty midwife

Our trusty midwife interviewing a woman at the outreach clinic


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Our vehicle purchased through a Rotary global grant provides transport for our staff and supplies to Outreach clinics

More progress is coming………Are you reading carefully?……..Drumroll…………We were blessed last month with our largest donation EVER from Michael and Stephanie Reardon, and this helps provide us with the financial stability we need in order to keep our full time physician who is making such a difference, in addition to our main Dr. Araba, buy some capital needs, such as the Operating room lights which are drifting, and plan for the future. The psychological effect alone of this, and the way it allows one to think differently (yet more hopefully) is quite unbelievable. THANK YOU to the Reardons.
Some pictures from Outreach last month. The vehicle has been so handy! Thank you Rotary!!