Partnering in education and equipment
to prevent needless death in Africa

2017 Annual Fundraiser Banquet

We are glad to once again invite all those who so generously support the effort to prevent needless death in Africa, to our annual Banquet on October 28th 2017 at the Midpointe Event Center.

The monies raised at this event each year trains young doctors on critical techniques that save lives and provides equipment shipped from the USA that enables diagnostics and treatment that wouldn’t happen without it. These monies also provide year-round training to hospitals and other organizations on CPR and basic life support for babies. Everyone who has come to the banquets and given in the past, has saved many lives and has contributed to better healthcare for many!

Come join us for an evening of African food, music and dance!! Come shop our silent auction items which are predominantly unique African items you wouldn’t get anywhere else!

Come partner with us if you’ve never come before, it’ll be a fun and rewarding experience.

Please use the links below to obtain your tickets and thank you for making a difference.

To purchase an individual ticket please Click Here
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