Partnering in education and equipment
to prevent needless death in Africa

Preparing For a Lifetime of Healthcare

The goal of this training is to empower our young physicians to aim for the highest possible standards of healthcare for their patients by balancing medical knowledge, practice, physicianpatient relationships, ethics and limited resources. This will be a three day conference with plenary sessions in the mornings and several practical training sessions in the afternoons.

Our distinguished faculty are internationally recognized scholars and seasoned physician – scientists who are also engaging and passionate educators. APM is providing funding for 50 participants* which includes transportation to and from Accra, training materials, meals and three nights’ stay at the Hephzibah Christian Centre, Aburi.

Helping Babies Breathe – This workshop will focus on the critical first minute of a baby’s life, the “golden minute” in a resource-limited setting.  Participants in this workshop will be trained in important aspects of early newborn management, including temperature support, breathing stimulation and assisted ventilation.

Obstetrical Emergencies – Part I and II – The topics of antepartum and postpartum hemorrhage, shoulder dystocia, and management of pre-eclampsia/eclampsia will be highlighted in these back-to-back workshop sessions.  Participants are strongly encouraged to attend both sessions.

Basic Life Support – The topics covered include BLS/CPR for Adults (assessment, chest compressions, airway and breathing using a bag-valve mask, two rescuer BLS/CPR, Automated External Defibrillator training), Child and Infant BLS/CPR (chest compressions for child, chest compressions for infant, airway and breathing with BVM, two rescuer infant/child BLS/CPR, and AED training for children), adult/child/infant choking, and skills testing (with a written test).

The mission of Africa Partners Medical (APM) is to empower African medical personnel to improve the health of people in Africa. We do this by providing training in clinical medicine to health care providers and promoting improvements in health policy. This includes practical training in basic and advanced life support, pediatric, obstetric, and other medical procedures. We also provide education and support for ethical and spiritual aspects of medical practice.  We ship medical supplies and equipment to partners in the region and promote clinical and translational research, which we have done so far in Ghana, Nigeria and Burkina Faso.

*Funding covers 90% of the cost of attendance.


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