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to prevent needless death in Africa

higher than CDC estimated burden of disease approx. $2 billion in 2012 in Ghana and Nigeria (estimated/U. of Massachusetts Institute of Global Health. (Based upon DALYs X average per capita income X 2 estimated prevalence used to calculate DALYs). This could be used to feed many children and get them educated.

What is the Problem?

The Hepatitis/Liver Cancer Control Imperative...

Even with underreporting Liver cancer ranks #1 in males in Nigeria, #3 in women in Nigeria, HBV prevalence even current though is known in Nigeria with the last reported in 1999 to be 12% from the CDC, it is estimated that it should be well above 15% now. HCV prevalence shod be around 10% close to Ghana (9.4%) which has similar demographics. Most of the liver Cancer is caused by HCV/HBV infections and closely linked to HIV.


Many!!!!! The usual challenges in any healthcare system i.e. logistics, capability and capacity for care, and immunization More so in Africa (poverty, access to healthcare, training, education) etc

What are the Needs?

  • Education!! Education!! Education
  • Availability and affordability of tests and treatments
  • Mentorship training programs to teach other doctors to handle Hepatitis B and C
  • Need capacity building (Earlier diagnosis, Micro-enhanced ultrasound, Radiologists, Pathologists, training to read slides)
  • Integrate Hepatitis with the HIV/AIDS platforms and systems
  • Facilities (public and private) for hepatitis diagnostic evaluation, including viral load
  • Private diagnostic laboratories collect the specimen and send them to other countries
  • Need to ensure 3XHBV immunization across population
  • Injection safety remains issue
  • Epidemiology needed (prevalence, genotypes, etc.)
  • Policy need to emphasize on Hepatitis (like the creation of a Hepatitis "CZAR", a designated person in charge of hepatitis and its control)
  • Media support

Some Good news with the help of African Partners Medical

  • Society of GI and Hepatology in Nigeria (SOGHIN) is prepared to help the Hepatitis mandate/programme in Nigeria
  • SOGHIN has established some mentorship training programs to teach other doctors to handle Hepatitis B
  • This initiative has received the approval of the Honorable Minister of Health. Consequently, he has directed the Director of Public Health to form a Committee that would implement these recommendations.
  • This Committee includes the National Coordinator of HIV and AIDS Division, the National Cancer Program, the Executive Director, National Primary Healthcare Development Agency, the Director of the Nigerian CDC, and Director of Hospital Services.
  • The Committee also will collaborate with National Agency for Food and Drug Administration (including those responsible for aflatoxin control) and the Minister of Education.

Generally, there is the need to:

  • Facilitate the development of comprehensive liver cancer control plans that are consistent with the values of key stakeholders in medical, policy, and advocacy in Nigeria and Africa as a whole
  • Identify national needs, public policy priorities and emerging technologies impacting (or likely to impact) liver cancer control
  • Identify the gaps where the medical community, government, and advocacy groups can work together to improve liver cancer prevention, diagnosis, and overall management

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"We could go and treat a few people, but the impact of continuing medical education to empower local physicians to care for their own people provides the opportunity to improve the standard of care to large numbers of people"
--Bart Clarke, M.D.


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