Partnering in education and equipment
to prevent needless death in Africa

Services provided via these clinics include diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases, immunizations, and health education.

In Ghana, as in other developing nations, people die needlessly from preventable and treatable diseases. This is partially due to the lack of adequate health care facilities in rural and urban areas. Simple, inexpensive and accessible treatment would dramatically reduce needless deaths in many parts of the developing world. Primary Mobile Med International's goal is to become part of the solution to the health care crisis by providing a safe and effective place for health care professionals to deliver much needed care.


About Primary Mobile Med

Primary Mobile Med International (PMMI) provides low cost, high impact mobile medical facilities and equipment to qualified on-scene health care workers in underserved and disaster areas. PMMI transforms shipping containers into fully functioning, mobile health care delivery facilities. Their design and installed equipment provide health care professionals the capability to accurately diagnose and treat endemic health threats such as malaria, HIV, dysentery, tuberculosis, diabetes, hepatitis and worms.


About Africa Medical Partners

Africa Partners Medical (APM) is a group of American and African doctors, nurses and other health care professionals committed to improving medical care in Africa. APM does so by sponsoring educational conferences in Africa and establishing long-term partnerships with indigenous African health care personnel. The faculty of Africa Partners Medical includes physicians and nurses from Mayo Clinic, Scott and White Clinic, National Institutes of Health, Cleveland Clinic, and Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, among others, who volunteer their time. Since 2000, APM has brought annual medical education programs to a total of more than 3000 physicians, residents, nurses and emergency medical technicians in Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, Mali, The Gambia, Mauritania, and Sierra Leone.

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"We could go and treat a few people, but the impact of continuing medical education to empower local physicians to care for their own people provides the opportunity to improve the standard of care to large numbers of people"
--Bart Clarke, M.D.


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